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What To Expect

Expect everything. We’re not into the whole boring headshot with studio lighting and a big fake smile kind of thing. (Don’t worry, mom we’ll take a couple of those for grandma) – but we want fun. We want laughing. We want weird. We want the funny faces, and overall we want to capture the story of who you are.

Have a favorite pair of old jeans your parents hate? Sneak them in. A lucky basketball? Bring it. Spend every moment on your cell phone? We’ll work that in too – actually, bring your favorite playlist – you want to whip/nae nae during your session – we’re down. Bring all the things that make you – you.

Session length and locales vary depending on which session you book. Hate being in front of the camera? We can do an outfit or two in half an hour. Have a “selfie” love affair? We can do several hours or more with numerous outfits. #SelfieNation. Yep. We just did that.