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Ahoy Mateys!

Susie and I are so excited about the next couple of months. We’ve got big travel plans!! In February, Susie will be driving Miss Daisy, I mean me (Renee) to the Emerald Coast of Florida for a GREAT learning opportunity from the industry leaders in high school senior photography. This will be our 4th time at SYNC (senior & youth national conference), and we can’t wait! Not only do we learn about new trends in senior photography, new products available to us as pro photographers, we have met some of the most awesome people we now call friends!

A few years ago, the oh-so-crazy Jolly Jenn of Jolly Jen photography plopped down beside me and starting talking…and since then, we’ve been to Smith Mountain Lake to help with her senior model shoot, we’ve stayed in her home and met her awesome labradoodle Chloe, and her husband George is pretty ok too! We’ve joined The Virginia Professional Photographers Association, and met new friends and mentors there…all because we were lucky enough to meet Jenn at SYNC!

Then in April, we are headed to the Lone Star State to attend the Texas School of Professional Photography. This will be our first time at Texas School, famous in the pro photo world for the great learning–so much that you register the SECOND registration opens or you may not get your chosen class. In addition to being famous for the education, the parties are epic! This year’s theme is Pirates!! So if you see us dressed up like Jack Sparrow, pay us no mind, we’re just practicing!

Posted September 11, 2016